Good quality Light Comforter for sales
Good quality Light Comforter for sales
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Company News

2017 Extension Training

In order to promote mutual understanding between non-standard fastener manufacturers-JESENTECH departments and enhance team cohesion, JESENTECH organized a three-day staff expansion tour from September 8 to September 10. The destination is Heyuan, Guangdong, with fierce drifting, Nongfu Mountain Spring Factory, Along the way through each beautiful scenery, everyone's mood is always so full of passion and expectations.
First Station: Dongjiang Field Development Training Base

Since it is to expand the travel, of course, it is necessary here. The purpose of this activity is to exercise the strong will of employees, enhance the cohesion of the staff team and the overall centripetal force, and through the development of activities, let employees find a sense of collective belonging and strengthen the exchange between employees. The training content is more abundant, but also received good results. Under the guidance of the trainer, the entire staff was divided into three groups to compete in collective writing, crossing the grid, and fingerboard relay activities. Through this expansion training, we have learned a lot from this experience, felt the importance of cooperation and communication, and that team success is the foundation of personal success. Personal success must be based on the joint efforts and support of other team members. Each member must trust and encourage each other. I believe that through this expansion training, each family member of JESENTECH will surely do better and better in the future work.
Second Station: Visit the Nongfu Mountain Spring Production Base

JESENTECH came to the Nongfu Mountain Spring Production Base. Under the leadership of Nongfu Mountain Spring staff, he orderly visited the water intake and product production process of Nongfu Mountain Spring Production Base. In the product display hall, the lecturer introduced the products of Nongfu Shanquan Company to the JESENTECH family and learned about the production process of the products. After the water was pre-treated, it was sent directly to the water treatment plant, and a series of physical treatments such as sand filtration, carbon filtration, membrane filtration, and ultraviolet sterilization were passed. The water quality of the original water was retained, and finally a series of packaging processes such as injection molding and bottle bottling were also required. Through a visit to the Nong Fu Shan Quan production base, the complex process flow left a deep image of JESENTECH's colleagues. In the future work and life, it is necessary to enhance the awareness of water-saving and water-saving.
Third station: intense and intense live CS activities

Everyone listened to the coach's arrangement and divided into two teams. They were dressed in uniform and held analog guns. They staged a fierce battle between the jungle and the trenches. Everyone felt the "bullets and bullets" and "death and death". Battle scene. In the course of combat, each family member of JESENTECH, a non-standard firmware manufacturer, performed very actively. Everyone United with each other and helped each other. The individual's potential was exploited and the ability to cope with difficulties was improved.
Station 4: Nervous Drifting

On the rubber boat, everyone couldn't wait to play with the water and relive the childhood fun. The river bank left everyone's string of laughter. The rubber boat went down the stream. The gap in the upper half of the waterway was very large. There were many steep slopes and steep waters. The kayak dive down and provoked several meters of water flowers. It was impossible to help people's heart speed up. The pleasure of the cold and comfortable people. It makes people feel good. It also aroused the desire of everyone to enter the rapids. Even though the rafting was thrilling, everyone went straight ahead and never flinched. On the way to the rafting, we played water battles together, laughed and played together, and attacked each other together to make fun of each other. Each JESENTECH family's face was filled with smiles.
Station 5: Beautiful Mirror Flower Edge

All the attractions of Mirror Flower Edge are strung together through Baihua Road. Baihua Luchang is about 5 kilometers away. It extends from the Flower Fairy Square along the shore of the lake to Baiyao Garden. Along the way, flowers and flowers are everywhere. JESENTECH's family is on Baihua Road. It is like wandering in the legend of the story. Here we not only see the unique natural scenery, see the unique cultural style of the mirror flower edge, but also experienced a "boat on the blue wave, people in the middle of the painting", originally in the lake boating is a particularly beautiful thing. As a result, in the fierce water battle, all of them turned into soup. At the edge of the mirror, people feel comfortable, and the unhappiness at work is all forgotten. After returning, they once again put out their energy to face the work.
The three days and two nights of the journey have fixed everyone's laughter and laughter. On the way back, people are still reliving the joy and anecdotes in the water. They all said that the company's expansion tour provides them with a great opportunity to be close to nature, connect with each other, ease work pressure, and reflect the company's deep love for employees. Through this event, the staff strengthened the communication, narrowed the distance, and improved the team's spirit of cooperation. After relaxation, JESENTECH's employees will surely invest in their work with more enthusiasm and high morale, contributing to the development of JESENTECH, a non-standard fastener manufacturer.
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