Good quality Light Comforter for sales
Good quality Light Comforter for sales
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Team Tour 2016

With the growing scale and rapid development of JESENTECH, a non-standard fastener manufacturer, the company has actively established the feelings of friendly cooperation among colleagues in order to enrich the working atmosphere of employees and encourage employees to invest their work in the future with greater enthusiasm. To promote corporate culture and enhance corporate cohesion as the theme, a two-day tourism event was organized on October 28, 2016. The purpose of this tour is to be praised by the United States as the reputation of Guilin Yangshuo.
In order to make the trip safer and more enjoyable, the company has drawn up a detailed travel plan for the entire tour activity in advance and contacted the relevant local guides to make all employees of the company more happy.

At 8 o'clock in the evening, all the employees of JESENTECH, under the leadership of General Manager Xuzhou, took a bus to Yangshuo and began a two-day and one-night trip to Yangshuo. The next morning, everyone arrived at the destination and went straight to the first scenic spot. After arriving at the Yangdi section of the Lijiang River, after arriving at the Yangdi, she took a bamboo raft to visit the charming scenery of Yangdi. The attractions appreciated along the way are: squid hanging walls, boys worshipping Guanyin, Langshi wonders, Shenbi peaks, lions climbing palms, old people guarding apples, Tang monks and disciples across the Lijiang River, pigs and backs, A world scenery, turtles climbing mountains, frogs jumping the Lijiang River, Jiuma Painting Mountain, Huangbu reflection, The background map of RMB 20 and the ancient town of Xingping feel the poetic meaning of "seeing the top of the Qingshan Mountain and the boat on the top of the Qingshan Mountain". Only by taking a bamboo raft to visit the essence of Yangdixing's Lijiang River can we truly feel this. The beauty of it.

At ten o'clock, everyone went to the new scenic spot-the Shili Gallery. We rode there and played together. In the distance, the peaks piled up and the village fell. The river near the front is full, the boat is like weaving, throw away all the work pressure we step on the bicycle to meet the sun together, chasing the beautiful sunshine.

Unconsciously, it was lunchtime, and we gathered at 117 Yangshuo West Street, Yangshuo County, a street full of Western colors. It was a face representing Yangshuo's personality, because this street made the whole Yangshuo full of sunshine and simplicity. People, various folk characteristics, Delicious dishes, immediately let us feel the warmth of home, after a short rest, we drove to another destination.
In the evening, everyone returned to the hotel. After dinner, it was a free time. Everyone began to relax, a bit of rest in the hotel, and some plans to go shopping together. We all enjoyed this wonderful leisure and vacation life.
In the early morning, everyone gather downstairs to prepare for the new destination Gudong Falls is a newly developed tourist attraction. Around four o'clock in the afternoon, we could not afford to embark on the bus back to the deep. Through this trip, we not only allowed ourselves to experience the unique beauty of nature, increase our knowledge, and ease everyone's work pressure. It also makes everyone feel the cohesion of JESENTECH, a non-standard firmware manufacturer. For the sake of JESENTECH's better tomorrow, we can go to further and more sacred places in the coming year. We believe that we will enter the work with a more enthusiastic work attitude and good spirit. We will be more united in our future work and strive to contribute our own strength to the company. The development of JESENTECH, a non-standard firmware manufacturer, will surely become more and more brilliant.
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